Mar 25, 2016

dumbest reason to do a PhD

Would you enrolled in a PhD program just out of spite?

Background: X is a Masters student under the guidance of Prof Y. Prof Y stopped X from getting his Masters by giving X a failed grade for his Masters thesis while all other members in the thesis panel gave him high marks. In the end, X had to find a new advisor last minute, but managed to graduate. X is a well-established professional in his own field and is rich. The Masters degree was just another feather in his cap.

Now: X has enrolled in the PhD program within the same department as an attempt to 'spite' Prof Y and has chosen another prof, Prof Z, as his PhD advisor. Also, X 'purposely' took Prof Y's classes so that he can rub 'it' in Prof Y's face.

When I first heard about this, my first reaction is "what a stupid thing to do!" and "what's the point?" In my opinion, to do something just to spite someone is the dumbest and most childish thing to do. If he likes to do research or he wants to get a foothold in the academia, then by all means, go get a PhD. But to do a PhD just so he can 'rub it' in his ex-advisor's face is probably the most moronic act of self-sabotage.

What can X hope to gain from such shortsighted action? Prof Y is an experienced researcher and noted scholar in his field. Although he is quite controversial and sort of a loner, he is still a senior faculty member of the dept. Will Prof Y even care that X is back as a PhD student? Or care that X went to Prof Z instead of him for guidance? If X does well in his PhD, Prof Y can still claim credit to X's success since he did guide X for almost 2 years. If X doesn't do well, Prof Y can declare that he had foreseen what a failure X is and that's why he failed X's Masters thesis. It's a NO-WIN situation for X.

Everyone who knew about this backstory was egging X on and is sharing this story around like some juicy gossip. Frankly I just don't get it. Maybe some people just need some excitement in their lives. Me? I think I'll skip.

Mar 21, 2016


Finally went to see a movie last week..  And I think I will go and watch it again this week.. this is just the second movie that I (will) watch twice in the cinema.. heck, I might even watch it more than twice if I have the time next week..  yes, that's how much I like it.. It premiered in the US last year, took it long enough to reach TW.. but at least it is being shown here.. it wasn't allowed in many countries cos of the story. Read the book a couple of years ago when I asked my library to get it. Just checked and found that the book is now reserved by 3 person, while the Chinese translated version is reserved by more than 7.. Think I will get a (paper) copy for myself one of these days..

...flung out of space...

Mar 14, 2016


finally found the word that describes who I am... especially at night or on a rainy day..

Mar 8, 2016


I love to binge... on TV shows, that is.. ^.^

I like to keep several episodes and watch them all at one go.. I will allocate a day, most often the weekends, to do that. I will cook myself a simple lunch/dinner/supper and start watching from morning till whatever time.. although I know I should binge on books, especially my research-related books, instead of TV shows, I can't help myself..

Can't wait for some shows to start in March (House of Cards, Quantico and Deadliest Catch), April (Orphan Black and Game of Thrones) and May (Penny Dreadful), just to name a few...

so many shows.. so little time...

Feb 29, 2016