Nov 2, 2013

Poetry Solace: Of love and longing (III)

Two more poems from No One Can Stem the Tide by Jane Tyson Clement.. really liked her work..

(31) Love and Longing

( To R.A.C. )
It’s not what happens that decides our end;
it’s how the heart takes hold of it and makes 
an open wound of pain, or wisdom’s scar. 
What my heart makes of this, the days will tell. 
Therefore return in some safe-distanced year
                  to see if I am invalid and lame 
or scarred but otherwise quite wise and well. 
But do not look to find me quite the same.

(32) Love and Longing

( To R.A.C. )
One who has loved is never quite alone, 
though all the hills declare our solitude. 
Having known you, I am no more afraid, 
the essential singleness of blood and bone 
when dispossessed, comes never in return; 
one who has loved is never quite alone.

Have a great weekend! Have fun but stay safe!! :)

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