Feb 8, 2014

Poetry Solace: footnote to a pretentious book

This week, I would like to share a poem by Amiri Baraka. He wrote this poem, footnote to a pretentious book, when he was known as Leroi Jones. This is one of the contemporary poems that I like. Hope you'll enjoy it..

Footnote to A Pretentious Book
Who am I to love
so deeply? As against
a heavy darkness, pressed
against my eyes. Wetting
my face, a constant trembling

     A long life, to you. My friend. I
tell that to myself, slowly, sucking
my lip. A silence of  motives / empties
the day of meaning.
                             What is intimate
enough? What is

     It is slow unto meaning for
any life. If I am an animal, there
is proof of my living. The fawns
and calves
of my age. But it is steel that falls
as a thin mist into my consciousness. As a fine
ugly spray, I have made
some futile ethic

     "Changed my life?" As the dead man
pacing at the edge of the sea. As 
the lips, closed
for so long, at the sight
of motionless
     There is no one to entrust with
meaning. (These sails go by, these small
deadly animals.)
                         And meaning? These words?
Were there some blue expanse
of world. Some other
flesh, resting
at the roof
of the world . . .
                      you could say of me,
that I was truly

Have a great weekend! Enjoy yourself and be safe!

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