Feb 2, 2008

In less than 24 hours

... I will be on my way to the airport to go back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year.. :) :)

Lots of people have asked me if I am going back to Singapore.. well, maybe I have identified myself too strongly as a "Singaporean", rather than a Malaysian.. So I would have to explain that my family is in Malaysia, but all of my friends are in Singapore.. or at least 98% of them.. so I am going back to Malaysia for CNY, but will be dropping by Singapore to visit my friends.. :)

I'm quite nervous about tomorrow.. Haven't gone to the Narita Airport since my arrival in Japan last April.. As the taxi in Japan is freaking expensive, the meter starts from 710yen (almost SGD9.50), the only way to the airport is via public transport: bus or train..

After checking the Internet, I've decided to take the JR Narita Express from Shibuya. I went to check out the boarding platform at Shibuya yesterday, just to make sure I know where to go tomorrow... It takes about 80minutes to get from Shibuya to Narita. As with other route, JR (Japan Railways)'s trains are always more expensive than the rest. The train will cost me 1660yen, as compared to 1000yen on another railway which I had to board the train from Nippori, the opposite site of the town from where I stay.. so between paying more but more convenient versus cheaper but more hassle, I chose the former in this case.. If I haven't got much luggage, then maybe I might be game to try the cheaper but more troublesome route.. but for now I just wanna get to the airport without any hiccups..

Will be bringing my laptop home.. too many things inside that can't be copied out onto my portable hard disk, and add to the fact that both my 2.5 inch portable hard disk is acting rather weird lately.. don't wanna risk it..

Hope I will be able to wake up tomorrow.. :p been sleeping very late the past week.. as I have always known that I write best at night.. Completed 6 of my reports, with one still in progress while another is not due much much much later..

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