Jul 19, 2013

sorry no cure..

"Sorry no cure.." was one very commonly used/heard phrase in my younger days.. As kids, we would say it when we don't want to accept the apology given. Unlike adults, we were unafraid to be frank about how we feel when we are hurt. Because honestly apologies don't have to be accepted just because it was offered..

When "harm" is done, an apology doesn't alleviate the "damage" already inflicted. And though we are taught to be forgiving and benevolent, a simple 'sorry' just doesn't cut it, especially if great harm - be it physical, emotional or otherwise - has been done. Some things just could not be undone with a simple apology, regardless of the sincerity of the person saying it.

Despite the song "sorry seems to be the hardest word", I don't quite believe it to be so. Nowadays, people say it all the time, whether they truly mean it or not. Politicians and statesmen, especially in TW and JP, love to hold public apology session in front of the media when (human) catastrophe/calamity/travesty happened during their watch. They would then offer their resignation from whatever post they were holding to take responsibility and to demonstrate their remorse. The media/public seemed happy to have had their pound of flesh and  life goes on. Yet, what about the original mess/issue? Nothing is done to ensure history won't repeat itself. And when it does, as it always will, this charade is played once again.

We are human. We make mistakes. We should acknowledge our mistakes (by saying sorry, no less). But what is more important, to me at least, is that we should never repeat the same mistake again and to do our very best to atone for the harm (already) done.

We may have (been) forgiven but we should not forget.

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