Jun 3, 2014

follow me

No, I'm not talking about the "Follow Me" brand of hygiene products.. I'm inviting you to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. As you can see, I've incorporated them into this blog, at the right hand panel.. I'm kinda late to this social media thing, but hey it's never too late to start sharing right?!

So for those who wanna follow me:
Twitter Account: @imm_alexis
Instagram ID: alexisgoh23

With Twitter I get to vent/share my thoughts and feelings more spontaneously without having to think about how to write a medium/long article for it. With Instagram I can share photos online faster with some real cool filters.. Of course this blog will continue to be the place with I'll share my thoughts, after it is properly crafted and structured.. but for on the spur of the moment ramblings, just follow me.. :)

1 comment:

§nóflèk said...

have just added you on twitter! :) welcome to the club, though i hardly twit myself. btw i'm thinking of visiting taiwan end july/early august - will you be around or already traipsing around in europe? ;)