Dec 27, 2014

Poetry Solace: a word about transitions

This week another poem from Billy Collins.. I like his poems because they are simple yet complex.. no need to think too deep about what kind of metaphor(s) he using and what he is trying to say.. yet his poems are not that literal.. Sometimes they are kinda light and funny like this one that I've chosen for you..

A Word About Transitions
Moreover is not a good way to begin a poem
though many start somewhere in the middle.

Secondly should not be placed
at the opening of your second stanza.

Furthermore should be regarded
as a word to avoid,

Aforementioned is rarely found
in poems at all and for good reason.

Most steer clear of notwithstanding
and the same goes for

nevertheless, however,
as a consequence, in any event,

and as we have seen in the previous chapters

Finally's appearance at the top 
of the final stanza is not going to help.

All of which suggests (another no-no)
that poems don't need to tell us where we are

or what is soon to come.
For example, the white bowl of lemons

on a table by a window
is fine all by itself

and, in conclusion, so are
seven elephants standing in the rain.

Have a fun post-Christmas weekend! Enjoy and stay safe!

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