Aug 13, 2016


Have always been a sports fan, and there's no greater sporting event than the Olympics.. been glued to my TV since the Rio Olympics started more than a week ago.. watching any and every live (or repeat) broadcast of any events.. alas, there's whole lot of interesting (team) sports that weren't shown..

Since the next Olympics is going to be in Tokyo, Japan, and I have free lodging (kinda) there, I'm definitely not going to be absent from this world class sporting event in 2020! Watching the Olympics in person is one of my bucket list, so I'm definitely going to fulfill this wish list of mine.

Referencing the official website,  I'm already planning what sports to watch.. :)  most probably, I will try to catch women's football, handball, hockey, karate, rugby and volleyball games. Yes, I chose mostly team sports because firstly, these sports are seldom shown on TV as women's team sports are not popular in Asia, except karate maybe. Secondly, I used to play most of these sports, except football and rugby, so it will be great to watch world-class players in action. Finally, it's more fun cheering for teams than individuals.. And no, I won't want to watch the usual favorites live, like swimming, basketball, athletics and diving, since I know tickets for those events will be selling like hotcakes and there will be no lack of fans cheering the athletes on. Also, I may also stay and watch the Paralympics too, since I've never watch any events from this "parallel Olympics".

Am gonna start saving... so that I may fully immersed in that awesome Olympic sporting spirit as a spectator!!

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