Dec 25, 2016

Birthmas 2016

Writing this on Christmas Day... the third day of my annual 'do-anything-I-like' holidays.. for those uninformed, I usually have a (self-imposed) 4-day holidays in Dec, namely winter solstice, my BD, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.. since this year's winter solstice happened a day earlier than usual, it's just a 3-day celebration for me this time round.

Had a (somewhat) fun BD this year.. I kinda broke my 'tradition' of staying in during my big day.. instead, I went out for a walk around the neighborhood and along the Tamsui River in the morning.. Bought a few lottery scratch-cards and won some money for a change, which is definitely a good sign, since I usually have zero luck in any gambling activities..

Anyway, couldn't really remember when was the last time I felt as good on my BD.. maybe it was a spillover celebratory effect from my sis's wedding... maybe it's my new colored hair making me feel young.. maybe it's the video chat, over FB, I had with my dearest friend in Australia whom I've not seen for years (although we do keep in contact via social media).. I've not heard anyone singing 'Happy BD' to me for such a long time that when the three of them (including her boys) sang I almost cried.. it felt good to be remembered... all in all, we chatted for more than 3 hours.. :) Can't believe how big the boys are right now...

Somehow I feel good about the coming year(s), even though I have tons to do, most importantly write that paper (and have it published) and graduate.. I've procrastinate long enough.. time to get things done and move on to the next phrase of my life, whatever and wherever it may lead me..

Here's a toast to my 42th year on this Earth!

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