Jan 12, 2013

Poetry Solace: Of sending love and narratives

In the next few Poetry Solaces, I will be sharing poems from Adrienne Rich.. I kinda stumbled upon her works while browsing the racks of my library looking for poetry..

As these poems came from her published books (in hard copy), I will not copy the entire poems as this might violate her copyrights and put myself at risk. So I will only share portions of her poems instead of her full works..

Sending Love (1992-1994)
Sending love is harmless
doesn't bind you         can't make you sick

sending love's expected
precipitous      and wary

sending love can be carefree
Joaquin knew it, Eira knew it

sending love without heart
---- well, people do that daily

Six Narratives (1994)
You were telling a story about war      it is our story
an old story     and still it must be told
the story of the new that fled the old
how the big dream strained and shifted
the ship of hope shuddered on the iceberg's breast
the private affections swayed and staggered
So we are thrown together      so we are racked apart
in a republic shivering on      its glassy lips
parted      as if the fundamental rift
had not been calculated from the first into the mighty scaffold.

Have a fun weekend! Stay safe!

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