Jan 2, 2013

2012 In Retrospect - Five Things (II)

Don't want to start the new year grumbling, but I think I need to get some things off my chest.. so here the first of many "Five Things" lists..

Five things that I wanna say out loud to my classmates but didn't..
1. I'm not your personal English translator/interpreter/dictionary!
Just because my English is better than yours doesn't mean that I'm obligated to 'help' you with your bad English. My time is valuable, and people have to PAY me for my language skills. So you either be (very) nice to me and hope that I like you enough to help you for free, or you'll just have to pay me for my time.

2. Who I choose as my PhD advisor is none of your f**king business!
People kept asking me who I will choose as my advisor not out of concern, but more of a "kaypoh"* nature. So what if I decided not to choose one yet? Or if I decided to choose Prof A instead of Prof B? What is it to you? One thing is for sure, I bet my advisor is more than happy to have me as his student than he is with you!

3. No one put a gun to your head to do PhD so stop complaining!  
Seriously, I don't wanna hear you grumbling about your job/family/children/illness/whatever! If doing PhD is such a pain and torture for you, then quit! Don't come complaining to me every single bloody time we meet in class. I'm not interested in your troubles and rest assured I won't bother you with mine.. So quit moaning!

4. Leave me out of your petty gossiping/bad-mouthing!
So your classmate is graduating soon.. so your classmate has managed to publish in a journal and you haven't.. Don't go bad-mouthing him/her every chance you get.. Don't b***ch to me about how your classmate were cutting corners or has an unfair advantage.. Be gracious enough to admit that your classmate managed to one up you!

5. If I really wanna work in TW, you don't stand a chance against me! 
Almost all my classmates and seniors I've talked to 'advised' me that it's gonna be difficult getting a lecturing job in TW.. but frankly, I don't think so.. if I could publish in a couple of well-known academic journals, I think I won't have just TW universities offering me jobs.. so thanks for the heads-up, but I think you should worry about yourself more as you're the one with very limited options..

Honorary mention: 
Although I don't work 9-5, I am busy too!
Just because I don't work in an office doesn't mean that I've plenty of time to spare.. Even if I have lots of time in hand, it doesn't mean that I have to spend them doing things for the department or class. My time is as, if not more, precious than yours!

* "kaypoh" is a Hokkien word used in SG and MY to denote busybody or meddler.

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