Feb 4, 2013

knowing Capricorns..

Though not one who likes to stereotype, but I do find some of the things stated with regards to Capricorns are pretty applicable to me.. the other reason for me wanting to understand more about the basic temperament of Capricorns is that my adviser is a Capricorn too.. and there is one other prominent professor in my dept who is also a Capricorn.. This is the first time I've encountered so many Capricorns in my life.. cos most of the time, I am the only one.. Maybe we Capricorns feel most at ease in the academia.. :)

Anyway, here are a few more interesting "answers" about Capricorns.. :p

Capricorns are afraid of
=> Being poor, being embarrassed and being humiliated
comment: I think no one likes to be poor, embarrassed or humiliated.

Capricorns represent
=> Intelligence
comment: I know I am a information junkie, and if that makes me intelligent, then no complains from me.. :p

When they are feeling low, Capricorns will
=> reflect quietly alone
comment: yeah, I will cut myself from the rest of civilization when I'm down..

Capricorns can't
=> pretend to be happy
comment: I do think my melancholia is infective..but nowadays, I am in a state of not unhappy.. 

When the green-eyed monster strikes, Capricorns will
=> become pessimistic and very frustrated.
comment: Mmm.. these might be true although I've learned to not compare and compete with others.. To each their own..

Capricorns are notorious for
=> tit for tat. You'll be safe as long as you don't antagonize them.
comment: Indeed.. don't step on our toes and we will leave you alone.. but once you do, we'll make sure you regret it..

When love strikes, Capricorns tend to
=> think too much.
comment: Guilty as charged..

Capricorns can't stand
=> "villains" winning (小人得志)
comment: I think we hate everyone else winning.. :p

Surprising side of realistic Capricorns
=>  they can be very romantic too
comment: Definitely.. we are closet romantics.. only our loved ones know how mushy we can be..  

To others, Capricorns are
=> practical, hard-working, self-interest and autonomous
comment: Yep, these are just about right... :)

Any comments from those who know me?? Anything to add??

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