Mar 12, 2013

kittens I

More than once I've written about my dad's garden of abundance. It is a little oasis of greenery where fruits and vegetables are grown.. It is also a playground for birds and cats to hang out..

My parents are not into pets, so we didn't have any when we are young.. but our garden attracted a few cats that made it their home although some of them come and go as they like. One did stay and gave birth to two litters of kittens the last two times I went home.. and they were soooo adorable..

The first pair was born mid of last year.. we didn't know their gender but I named them Tom and Jerry anyway.. :) Tom is grayish white while Jerry has black spots on his body... here are some photos of Tom and Jerry..
'whatcha' looking at??'
chilling with mum
Jerry: 'I'm sooo sleepy after that big meal..'
Tom: 'Can't a cat take a dump in peace?'
'Need to hydrate.. even if it's drain water..'
Do you know that cats eat papaya? No? Here's the proof.

It was fun having Tom and Jerry around with their mum. But good times seldom last, even for cats. Tom went missing a few days after I came back to Taiwan last July. My dad said that he was probably 'kat-nap' by cat lovers who lives nearby. Jerry is still around, now as big as his mum.

Next, Tom and Jerry's siblings - Garfield and Kopi... :)

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