Oct 7, 2010

Garden of abundance

As said in my previous entry, my pre-WW II house boasts a huge compound that my dad put into good use.. In fact, he kinda outdo himself sometimes, which you shall see later when I list out the vegetables and fruit trees that he had planted.. With the abundance of rain in my town, the growth rate of weeds and grass are crazily fast! My dad had to cut them almost every other week!! By using his trusted little "old-fashion" grass cutter, which I shall highlight in my future post..

In this entry, I wanna share some pictures of the produce that my (father's) garden produced.. all thanks to my dad's green thumb.. Unfortunately, that is one of the few things that I didn't inherit from him.. Almost everything that I plant/touch dies.. :x :x :x although I love the feel and smell of earth, and I have all the strength needed to "cangkul" (Malay word meaning work the land with a hoe) and I don't mind getting all sweaty working the land under the hot sun, but I am just hopeless when it comes to agriculture.. I suck big time at identifying plants.. I don't know my durian trees from my rambutan trees.. :x :x

Anyway, here they are.. 

Chilis.. Lots of them.. my dad would harvest them and let my auntie sell them in the market..

Close-up of the chilis..

Papayas.. we have more than 15 papaya trees in the garden.. we never run out of papayas to ear, but too bad I am not a fan of papaya.. :p

Bitter gourds.. one of my favorite vegetables.. the kiwi is there to show how "big" those bitter gourds are..

Pineapples.. this variety of pineapple is more for ornamental purposes.. to be used during prayers..

Pumpkin.. not so successful cos it didn't grow as big as my dad had want it to be.. might just try my hand at carving a "Jack-O-lantern"with this mini pumpkin since Halloween is just end of this month.. :)

Other vegetables that my dad has in his garden includes: sweet corn, sweet potato, banana, aloe vera, guava,  kacang botol (winged bean, which is another one of my favorite vege), eggplants, lemongrass, peanuts, pandan leaves, green beans, red beans, dragon fruit, ginger, okra (or otherwise known as lady's fingers, also my favorite) and a couple of those green leafy vegetables that I have no idea what they are called in English.. Some of them have yet to bear fruits/vegetables, while some are already in their n-th cycle of production..  .

So there you have it! My dad's garden of abundance!! :) :)

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