Oct 31, 2010

What would you do?

Simply put, would you beg for love?

A few weeks ago, I received an interesting translation job. I was first told that it was a translation job from Japanese to Malay, a simple "love letter" written by a Japanese to a Malaysian. Not someone to judge nor reject good money, I accepted the job, although my sis did warn me against it.. "what if those two were NOT meant to be together?" "Long-distance relationships are hard, and if he (both of us assumed that it was a "he" writing to a "she") doesn't even bother to learn the language so that they could communicate better, what chance do you think they have?" You can see how "pragmatic" runs in my family.. ;) I was actually more worried about whether I could convey the mushy-ness of the letter properly and sufficiently, especially whether I should tone-up the schmaltzy-ness if I find it lacking or tone-down the lovey-dovey-ness if it was overbearing..

Then I got the actual letter..  Boy, we were so wrong.. first of all, it was written by a Japanese lady to a Malay guy.. secondly, it was more like a letter of desperation than affection.. To summarize it, she is asking him for his phone number so that she could call him after not hearing from him for 2.5 months.. she even promised to only call him during "agreed times" so that she "won't be a nuisance to him"..

When I read the letter, my feelings are mixed. Should I convey the same level of anguish and despair as the writer, or should I toned it down? Was it a one-sided affair? Was he the one assh*** who lead her on and then dumped her? Was she the one unwilling to let go? Was it all just a misappropriation of emotions due to language/culture barrier?? Not knowing anything about either of these protagonists, I can only do my best to put across her feelings without making her looked pitiful.

I know that we need to fight for love, but what is the line between fighting and begging? When it is clear that the "feeling" isn't mutual? When it is obvious that he/she is avoiding us by disappearing? When it is clear that we want more than what he/she is willing to give? When it is apparent that he/she just wanna be friends? When do we know that it is but a lost cause? I for one won't beg.. I will put my case forward and ask the person to choose/make a decision. And I will walk away, if that is the decision, no matter how in love I am with that person.. cos I don't believe in pity nor charity when it comes to the matter of the heart.. Again, that's just me..

With this age of the Social Networking where people say anything and everything over FB, twitter and what-have-yous that they don't mean, where people can friend and then ban you overnight, will this type of speedy make-n-break "relationships" be the norm of the future?

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