Oct 26, 2010

Another round of..

The National Budget was unveiled a few weeks ago.. and there are a lot of good commentaries out in the blogsphere on it.. since neither economy nor finance is my forte, I shall not add anymore to the already well-researched articles..

However, I would like to say the following that this is just...

..another round of robbing the people to pay "their" cronies..
..another round of initiating mega projects to siphon public funds into private pockets..
..another round of doing things that "they" want instead of what the country needs
..another round of ignoring the poor while enriching "themselves"...
..another round of spending national funds for "their" political gains...
..another round of exposing the incompetence of our so-called ministers and "top brains"..
..another round of flaunting and "shiok-sendiri" that the country can ill-afford..
..another round of spending irresponsibly and wanton wastage..
..another round of trying to leave a "legacy" using the people's money..

..another round of confirmation why foreign capital are staying away..
..another round of testament why the country is going to the dogs..

And I must say that I am happy that I didn't pay a single cent in tax to this government. I am still officially unemployed so I have no income for them to levy any tax on. I've paid taxes in Singapore for more than 8 years, and I am both willing and happy to pay my taxes to a government that takes good care of its people (comparatively if some wanna start saying that SG gov is authoritative, etc, etc,)..

Over there, I can see where my tax money goes to and I am assured that all those money are well-spent. The public transport is good, no worries about rampant crime, and the poor are taken care of (although some said not good enough, but at least the government gives out subsidies and incentives fairly to ANYONE who needs it), which I cannot say the same over here.. The government asks its people to bite the bullet when the time is tough and not sugar-coat any bad news in order to stay popular. It under-promises, but over-delivers most of the time.. and they have ministers who KNOW what they are doing and can hold INTELLIGENT discussions.. they DEBATE, and not BICKER.. I can go on and on about the differences between these two governments, but it changes nothing of the fact that one is FOR the country while the other is FOR their party and themselves..

Praying and hoping very hard that I won't be around in this country the next time a budget is read.. I can only take so much baloney and shenigans before my blood pressure remains elevated forever..  

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