Oct 14, 2010

Business as uaual..

The recent express bus tragedy had me thinking.. Why is it that things never change in this country?? Similar types of tragedy happen ever so often.. tragedies that could have been prevented, loss of lives that could be prevented, if only the authority put their hearts to fix whatever that are ailing the country.. but again, "heart" is one of the many things, on top of integrity, responsibility and accountability, that have been missing from the government, the authority and the system in general..

Here is how things will normally play out:

SO far, nothing is being done, yet everyone is very "busy".. Our PM is busy trying to tell other countries how to run their government and how "modarate" (aka how "fair") he is to the minorities here while this country is slowly going to the dogs.. the so-called "First Lady" is busy showing off our "excellent" education system to (mostly) 3rd World countries while the country's brightest are leaving the country in droves... our ex-PM is busy trying to stoke racial discord and playing the boogey-man card, again, ignoring the fact he made lots of non-deserving millionaires/billionaires while so many still remain in poverty.. our ministers are either busy trying to secure multi-billion projects for their cronies before they are out of favor, or busy going around throwing millions at their supporters hoping to retain their standings.. while at the same time coming out with half-bake policies, like the minimum wages, abolishing national examinations and making abandoning babies a criminal crime, without considering the underlying reasons for them.. without examining the issues thoroughly.. killing the ducks to save the chickens, instead of thinking how to save both the chicken and the ducks, and at the same time save the cows, goats, pigs and horses too..

Alas, that is way too much to ask from this government.. We can no longer rely on the police, the civil service and the government as a whole to do what they are supposed to be doing - Serving the People.. We have to rely on ourselves.. and the 1 vote that we have in hand to force the necessary changes.. but I am not optimistic at all.. cos I seriously believe that it is nothing but a lost cause.. the society in general has lost its will to change.. the people here are fragmented.. there is a "we", "them" and "them".. I feel the sense of camaraderie so much more strongly among overseas Malaysians than among local Malaysians..  Sad but true..

So welcome to the "APA PUN BOLEH"-LAND... where anything ridiculously bad/negative can, will and shall continue to happen.. just make sure none of you or your loved ones get involved in any of it..

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