Oct 9, 2013


Just wanna confessed that I like to binge-watch.. Even though I follow most of my US dramas a day or two late after they were broadcasted in the States, I sometimes binge-watch shows that I missed but were highly recommended..

The latest drama that I've just binge-watched just last weekend was Orange is the new black (OITNB). Before you start googling the show, let me tell you that this is not a show for everyone. It is definitely NOT politically correct, nor is it the usual 'family-friendly' drama. It dealt with difficult and controversial topics and showed us the ugly underbelly of the society, which to me is what real life is all about. To me, Life is no walk in the park. And I do realized that there might never be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and things may never be okay. Also, not everyone gets their 'happily-ever-after' endings.. Life is NEVER black and white. It has plenty of gray in between.

I like the show because it is one of the rare few dramas that has a majority female ensemble. All the women have their own stories and demons that they must face. People are not who they seemed to be.  It is real lives. It is raw. It is not pretty. And I was hooked. That's why I had to binge-watch the entire 13 episodes of season 1!

I started around 12 noon on Sunday. I thought I could watch the first 6 episodes and stop for dinner. I planned to finish the next 7 episodes on Thursday, as I do not have classes that day due to it being a public holiday here. Never did I expect it to be so addictive and captivating.. I did stop around 7pm for a quick dinner, a shower and a (fast) reading of a journal paper (that was required reading for my class on Monday afternoon). Then I jumped back in from 9pm+ and didn't stop until 4am (Monday)!

I have a couple more dramas lined up for my next binge-watching marathon.. :)  Can't wait... See, life can be simple and uncomplicated if you do not need much. 。◕‿◕。

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