Oct 19, 2013

Poetry Solace: Of love and longing (II)

Continuing with another work from No One Can Stem the Tide by Jane Tyson Clement..

(21) Love and Longing
For you the night is still;
the moonlight on the hill
shall come no more. And I
whose life was touched with flame,
if I stay not the same
because the flame must die,
you will not know.

For me the night will change,
the moonlight not be strange,
nor silvered hill. And you
whose life was turned to dark
sleep on and do not mark
if this small heart stay true,
if love will go.

It is for me to keep
the beauty, while you sleep
unsullied peace. And I
who cannot stay the years
nor live them all in tears
must watch the vision die
unchecked and slow.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy and be safe! :)

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