Oct 14, 2013

Tarot readings... XIV

Again, time for another reading.. Just started my PhD 3rd year last month, and many things have happened in my studies.. so it will be interesting to see what the cards have to say for the months ahead..
Note that all pictures of tarot cards are from http://phpbb-tw.net/phpbb/thoth/ and there is no intention of infringing any copyright.
所有的塔罗图片都采自竹猫星球塔罗馆 (http://phpbb-tw.net/phpbb/thoth),本部落并无意侵犯版权。

學  業 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in : Education

現狀 Current Situation: 賢者 [The Magus]

You have a brain for study and good memory. Although you might seemed relaxed, your results are better than your classmates'. Other than school work, your performance in extra-curriculum activities are very good as well.

問題 Problem: 皇帝 [The Emperor]

Although you are doing quite well academically, you incur the jealousy of others. As you are not very good in small talks, you are often misunderstood as being proud.

建議 Suggestion: 愚者 [The Fool]

Do not put yourself in a box. What is suitable for others may not be good for you. Don't deny your talent just because you are different. You don't have to be the same as them.

健康運勢 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in: Health:

現狀 Current Situation: 隱者 [The Hermit]

You may be troubled by some chronic ailment or can't find the source of your sickness even when you have tried many remedies. You are feeling low and lethargy because of this, and this is preventing you from enjoying yourself.

問題 Problem : 女皇 [The Empress]

You don't like to exercise and yet you like to indulge yourself. There may not be much trouble in the near future, but in the long run, your body might not take the strain. Be prudent.

建議 Suggestion: 星星 [The Star]

If you just wanna take care of yourself, you might not have the perseverance for it as you are not one who thinks just for yourself. It is better to worry yourself with the health of the people around and use that as a motivation. As you truly want to help them, you will become a health expert in no time!

人際運勢 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in : Human Relationships

現狀 Current Situation: 戰車 [The Chariot]

Your friendship is now in a very testing period. You and your friends tried to keep this friendship going despite the busyness but this is taking a huge toll and both sides is stuck at trying to find a balance.

問題 Problem: 教皇 [The Hierophant]

You are too principled. Although people think that you are a worthy friend and they do like you, your stubbornness and refusal to listen to others are preventing people to communicate with you.

建議 Suggestion: 皇帝 [The Emperor]

You tend to keep mum even when you have lots to say as you are worried that you might offend people. Things that should have been said but didn't is causing everyone, yourself included to be unhappy. Be more truthful, you don't have to be too careful.

財  運 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in: Wealth:

現狀 Current Situation: 塔 [Tower]

You just lost some major finance and it was totally out of the blue. That upsets you very much. You may lost your job suddenly and lost a very important source of income.

問題 Problem: 愚者 [The Fool]

You have no sense of urgency with regards to your finance. You always think that money will continue to come no matter what. Even when you may have some issues with income sources, you still wants to spend more money. Lack of self-control.

建議 Suggestion: 惡魔 [The Devil]

Even though you think dreams and professionalism is more important than money, yet if you do not compromise, you may not just restrict your income source but also affect the people around you. Put down your pride and learn to be more materialistic!

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