Dec 31, 2013

looking back @ 2013

2013 has been a rather peaceful year for me, relatively speaking. And I am blessed to have received help and assistance from many around me this year. I am sincerely grateful to and for them.

Looking back, I  can’t seem to find any major upheaval of any sort. Yes, I’ve been pissed and frustrated quite a few times during the year, but nothing that I can’t get over. Most of them stemmed from unrealistic expectation and assumptions I have of people that I thought were my friends. So for the coming year, I will no longer allow these people to affect me in any ways. Will spend more time with positive people, friends and family, whenever possible. Life is too short, ignore all morons and negativity.

School-wise, 2013 was not too bad. Chosen an advisor who allows me the freedom and space to do things my way. Best decision ever for 2013. Had 2 papers published in a so-so journal. One was previously my homework assignment (me as first author) that I have improved upon, while the other was a proofreading job with extra perks (got paid and got listed as 3rd author :) ). So I will not set targets that are any lesser for 2014.

Health-wise, 2013 was a lazy year. The estate that I’m staying has a (free) gym of sort, so for the coming year I resolve to make use of it more often and start jogging more frequently. I am already doing lots of home-cooking ever since I moved to this place in June, so for 2014 I’m gonna eat more greens and fruits, and use less oil, salt and sugar in my cooking. Health is too precious to leave it in the hands of others.

I’m a hermit and I like to hibernate in my room. Did a lot of that in 2013. So for 2014, I will try to go out more often and visit outside of Taipei (and Danshui area where I’m staying). Also for the new year, I will continue to read (managed to read around 65+ books this year) and watch as much TV series as I can. :p These are my ways of relaxing and escaping into my mind. Hope to do some overseas traveling, if possible.

Looking forward, I hope 2014 will be a year of health, family/friends and (self) love. Anything else will be a bonus. And one thing is for sure, I’ll do my utmost to make 2014 a memorable one as it will be the last year of my thirties.

Happy New 2014, Everyone!

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