Dec 28, 2013

Poetry Solace: Of change and heart

For this week's entry and the one after this, I will be sharing a few poems from M. L. Liebler, taken from his Wide Awake in Someone else's Dream (2008).

I Once Refused to Changed
Finding my way here
In the darkness is
Like being a man who refuses
To change his life
Because he fears what
It might become.
In the end, this healing
Leaves only soft scars
Against a dark night of stars,
Sickles, and blazing red hammers.

Alone, Inside My Heart
I am listening to the church
Inside my heart, alone
On the river’s bank

Where I long for soft wind
To bend around my knees
With all the glory of this life.

I want to meditate upon
These trees that line the avenues
In the city of my forefathers. Stuttgart,

I stand alone in your shadow.
Once I was tired and broken.
Now, I find I am here,

Comforted in the house
Of my birth within
The tender heart of my life.

Have a great weekend! Be safe!

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