Sep 1, 2014

Europe 2014: sleep

As I've mentioned before, I can sleep in almost any places as long as it is flat and has a pillow (or two) and a blanket. So sleeping on my CS hosts' couches/sofa beds was never an issue. In fact, I can truly say that I didn't have a bad night's sleep throughout my 23-day trip! And it did help that I was dead tired by the end of the day after so much walking and sight-seeing. :)

So here are some of the 'beds' I've slept in..

the only hotel bed that I've slept in @ Rotterdam

As you can see from photos above, these were all very nice sleeping arrangement, so you now know why I didn't have problem sleeping soundly. :) I didn't take any photos of my 'beds' in Brussels and Utrecht cos I forgot. Those were my last 2 cities which I think I must have been so used to sleeping in a non-conventional bed and/or bedroom that I forgot to take a photo of it.

Once again, I would like to say a big 'Thank You!' to all my fabulous CS hosts!!

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