Feb 28, 2015

Rant.. like never before..

I hate that my first proper post for 2015 is gonna be so negative, but alas, since I promised to stop posting on FB to someone very dear to me, less it be misunderstood by people who are so freaking sensitive and childish, I need to turn somewhere to express my frustrations on this matter. So hear me out.

Many times people just don’t get it. And unfortunately the society condones and exacerbate this too . Your profession or occupation doesn’t make you special or important; it only tells people that you are (book) smart. It is a person’s character and behaviors that define a person. So what if you are a doctor? A manager? Or a pharmacist? It only tells people that you can study or had the opportunity to study. Why do people think that they are great just because they work in a big company or is a professional like accountants or lawyers? It is just a job that you happen to be qualified for. It says absolutely NOTHING about you as a person. GOD/Allah/Buddha doesn’t care if you are a manager in a big company or a dentist. CEOs, lawyers and accountants, like everyone else, get sick and/or get into accidents too. And in my books, those who think they are great just because of their occupation/post don’t even qualify as ‘decent’. I pity them for the rude shock they suffer when they realized that the world doesn’t give a shit about the position stated on their name cards.

For someone who has yet to start work but already think that she is so bloody great just because she graduated from a ‘supposedly’ prestigious university (which in real fact not even listed in any top 100 Universities’ lists) and a ‘respectable’ course (aka pharmacy), she has much more to learn. She has yet to work a day as a pharmacist-in-training, much less earn her pharmacist license, but already she thinks she is above everyone and deserved to be treated as VIP. Pharmacists are a dime a dozen in this country, just like doctors. Maybe at home she is pampered as she is the youngest and only daughter. Maybe all her family and relatives give in to her every time. Maybe she is treated as a princess at home. But hello ‘Princess’, life is a bitch and just wait for this dog-eat-dog world to get a taste of you. Overly-sensitive, overly-protected and unbelievably childish -- a lethal combination for a major rude awakening in the future! I for one am looking forward to the day her sheltered life is shattered and she realized the painful truth that only her family thinks she is ‘special’ in any way. Because frankly, no one else gives a damn. She could be the Queen of England or earn billions for all I care, but if she thinks that she is greater than the rest of us, then she is no friend, much less a relative of mine.

It is just laughable how small and pathetic their world is. Just because her prick of a brother graduated from a SG university (hey, me too), is working in a MNC (hey, I did too), earns SG dollars (hey, I earn Euro!) and seems to know lots (hey, can he beat a PhD? Or someone who had lived in 4 countries and travel/see so much more?), whatever he says is gospel to her. That fella only comes home a few times a year, doesn’t give any money to their parents, doesn’t take care of the elders in the family, doesn’t help in any way except to stir up chaos, disputes and bitterness wherever he goes. He might be working for some big company in SG (which seems to carry a lot of weight in this little town), in my eyes he is nothing but a troublemaking egoistic jerk. As for her, I have never seen such a naïve and immature person in my life! But again, I don’t mix much cos I wanted to avoid such dumb bitches in the first place. Can’t wait till she sees what this ruthless brutal world is going to do to her. It is gonna swallow her whole and spit her out without a second glance. Just hope that she has the inner strength, which I highly doubt she possesses, to put herself back together again. The same goes with that ass of a brother of hers.

And I will say one last thing: Her brother’s arrogance and her naivety shall be their downfall one day. It is just the eventuality of it happening, as I do not doubt its possibility. When it does, I will be there laughing and cheering when they are pulled off their high horses and fall flat on their faces. I shall relish the day and will most definitely rub it in when that happens. I really hope that we do NOT become relatives. I absolutely do not want to be associated with such people much less be relatives with them.

I regretted treating her as my little sis and henceforth she is nothing to me. Had not felt so much rage and anger for a very long time. It is bad for my health. Thus, this shall be the last ranting I am gonna make cos these are taking up way too much of my precious time. Like I always say, “Life is too short, ignore all morons”.

End note:
What I’ve written might seem harsh and overly critical, but I stand by every single word. Will I regret what I’ve just written? Maybe, in the far far far future, but the emotions and feelings I felt right now have to be vented. Will things turn out okay in the end? I don’t know but I learned one thing all these year, ‘never say never’. Will things be back to what it used to be? DEFINTELY NO. That I can say for sure. I will keep my distance from this family from now onwards. As I have nothing but contempt, loathing and pity for this family, I do not foresee being chummy with anyone of them, now or in the future.

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