Aug 23, 2010

Pangkor Trip.. Pt II

As usual, I went online to search for a good place to stay.. we wanted somewhere that is quiet and away from the crowd.. this was going to be a relaxing trip, not one for shopping or exciting night life, or we would have just gone over to Penang Island instead.. and while searching, I read too many reviews about rowdy crowds and noisy karaoke sessions in the island that I wanna be sure about the hotel that we were going to stay..

And I was glad that I choose Anjungan Beach Resort & Spa.. It was one of the few new hotel in the Nipah Bay area and quite reasonably priced too.. Here are some of the photos I've taken..
The main building where the reception and dining is, seen from the main road..

Nice swimming pool with jacuzzi and some beach chairs..

Nice spacey room.. cleanliness was okay.. 8/10

Nice view of the swimming pool from our room's balcony.. we were on the 2nd floor..

A small fridge and TV with only HBO and StarWorld.. :)

The hotel was at the end of the Nipay Bay, so it was quiet and away from all the other hostels, backpackers' inns and knick knacks stalls.. and as most of the occupants (I noticed) are foreigners, the overall "standard" is good.. maybe that was the reason they only serve Western breakfast..

Too bad that the whole stretch of Nipay Bay is under-construction.. You can still walk along the beach, but all the construction machinery and the digging/piling/etc is very unsightly.. Knowing how construction project work in this country, it is hard to say when all these eyesore will be gone..

There is only 22km of roads in Pangkor Island, but with many hills and steep slopes, it is advisable to rent a car or a motorbike to go exploring.. At first, we planned to cycle around the island but later changed our minds as it has been raining the past few days around the area and we didn't want to get sick... So in the end, we rented a manual Kancil for 2 days at MYR$60 a day. And boy, were we glad that we made that decision.. While driving ourselves to the hotel, we found the slopes to be crazily steep and road treacherous, and even by car, it can get pretty dangerous at certain stretches of the road..

Didn't get any photos of those steep slopes cos I was holding tight to my seats.. :p But here are some other photos of the island..
A small air field at the northern part of the island.. didn't see any plane and the air field looked deserted..

Packs of stray dogs chasing after the car.. can't imagine what could have happened if we were on bikes.. :S

The biggest piles of rubbish I ever seen.. where the stray dogs fed, no doubt..

Nicer view..

Fishing villages and fish processing factories just next to the sea..

Next up, some of the "interesting" places in the island..

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