Sep 27, 2013


This is my first attempt at writing in Singlish.. hope I will have inspiration to write more in future.. 
Let me know what you think about this short piece.. Enjoy! 
Siao liao 3rd year oreddy.. Still no paper, si beh jia lat.. how not to kan-cheong? Sian, need to be on the ball now, if not sure up the lorry.. cannot play play liao.. and cannot keng liao.. need to chiong all the way... die die must ORD in 5 years..

Some academic papers are so cheem I read until blur and still catch no ball.. heng my England powderful, else sure gone case.. research si beh siong.. very pek chek sometimes..

I boh chup many of my classmates cos I buay song their attitude.. some of them ai chut pattern.. some damn hao lian.. some like to kay kiang.. some like to wayang.. all one kind one.. really beh tahan them.. most of them cannot make it one and a few sure gone case one.. I either heck care them or siam them.. only a few I kawan with them.. 

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