Sep 16, 2013

starting 3rd year

Today is the first day of school.. after more than 12 weeks of summer holiday it is time to get back to school.. :)

In this semester, I will be taking just 2 subjects and maybe auditing another. Both subjects are taught by my adviser, so I will be seeing him twice a week this entire semester. This might just be the 'push' I need to finally write something.  It is time for me to concentrate on my research and produce at least one paper by the end of this semester. Yet, I am wary that there may be a surprise or two during this period. Again, come what may, I have to write something if I want to graduate within the timeline I've set for myself..

It is always good to plan, but adjustments need to be made along the way when 'shit' happens. And this semester I have a little study room in the library, so there's no more excuse of not having a conducive environment to research/study... Looks like I'm all ready to face the new semester!

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