Apr 17, 2014

Kaohsiung 2014: Pier-2 Art Center

Didn't have any fixed itinerary planned for the trip to Kaohsiung. I just list out some of places that I wanna go and just kinda go with the flow. Since I reached Kaohsiung around noon, I've decided to go 駁二碼頭. It is easy traveling around the city as there is a subway to get you to almost everywhere.

駁二碼頭 was interesting as the whole place was used to be a pier with lots of 'abandoned' warehouses. Many of them are housing indoor exhibitions that are ticketed, which I am not willing to pay. Why pay when there are free stuff outside? Plus the fact that those exhibitions didn't pique my interest. Maybe because I've been disappointed by many of the 'special' exhibitions held in the museums here.

There are some very nicely drawn murals, a couple of outdoor sculptures and a few interesting shops. One is selling all things paper, although very unique, didn't manage to make me wanna part with my money.. :P Maybe I wasn't in a mood to shop..

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I've taken of the place..

There are many of these 'workers' statues around the area, each pair being decorated in different themes/colors. Some are just plain 'Urgh' while some are quite tastefully done. Again, another example of 'beauty in the eye of the beholder' for appreciating arts.

The entire place is very pedestrian and bicycle friendly, with dedicated tracks for each. The place is very well-kept, clean and green.

Here are some beautifully painted murals.. The colors are vivid and bold.. and looked as if they were just painted recently..

ps: those are REAL people. 

Not a bad place to spend a leisure afternoon.. :)

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