Apr 29, 2014

Tarot readings... XV

First readings for 2014.. how you tend to lose track of time when you are busy.. :)
Note that all pictures of tarot cards are from http://phpbb-tw.net/phpbb/thoth/ and there is no intention of infringing any copyright.
所有的塔罗图片都采自竹猫星球塔罗馆 (http://phpbb-tw.net/phpbb/thoth),本部落并无意侵犯版权。

學  業 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in : Education

現狀 Current Situation: 死亡 [Death]

Your study method is kinda rigid. You are good in memorizing stuff but weak in comprehension. You need to work on your logic and analytic skills.

問題 Problem: 皇帝 [The Emperor]

Although you are doing quite well academically, you incur the jealousy of others. As you are not very good in small talks, you are often misunderstood as being proud.

建議 Suggestion: 倒吊人 [The Hanged Man]

You need to relax periodically. You don't have to go outdoors, just emptying your mind and not have any thoughts will do you good. Sometimes those are the moments where you can find solutions to your problems.

健康運勢 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in: Health:

現狀 Current Situation: 太陽 [The Sun]

Currently, you take great care of your health and you are able to maintain a jovial mood. You recover fast from illness. This card shows that you are at the peak of your health. You need to keep working hard to maintain it.

問題 Problem : 賢者 [The Magus]

You keep changing your health regime. Even if you are eating healthily and work out once in a while, they are not very effective. Although you heed most of the health advice from friends and relatives, you tend to give up half-way. There might be problems as you grow older.

建議 Suggestion: 星星 [The Star]

If you just wanna take care of yourself, you might not have the perseverance for it as you are not one who thinks just for yourself. It is better to worry yourself with the health of the people around and use that as a motivation. As you truly want to help them, you will become a health expert in no time!

人際運勢 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in : Human Relationships

現狀 Current Situation: 教皇 [The Hierophant]

Friends trusted you and think that you are calm and methodical. You gives people a peace of mind. You are accustomed being the "consultant" among friends. You have a stable group of friends.

問題 Problem: 月亮 [The Moon]

Although you treasure your friends, you are reluctant to be truthful. After a while, your friends felt that you are insincere. Try to overcome this.

建議 Suggestion: 皇帝 [The Emperor]

You tend to keep mum even when you have lots to say as you are worried that you might offend people. Things that should have been said but didn't is causing everyone, yourself included to be unhappy. Be more truthful, you don't have to be too careful.

財  運 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in: Wealth:

現狀 Current Situation: 星星 [The Star]

Financially you are not very tight. You are interested in managing your finances and will spend time researching related information. You hope that you will be able to provide for yourself when you are old or when you lose the stream of income.

問題 Problem: 太陽 [The Sun]

You are very frank about your earning abilities and will never hide these from your friends. As you treasure your friendship dearly, you tend to lend money to your friends or be asked to treat. Even though it may not be much but it is pretty substantial as the years go by.

建議 Suggestion: 戀人 [The Lovers]

Cultivate a backup plan/ability. Try to turn your hobbies into possible revenue. You don't have the motivation to earn money but you tend to put in a lot of effort into the things you like. Thus it is best to utilize this ability to earn more money.

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