Nov 22, 2010

12 days later..

Here are some update that I promised in my earlier post..

After consuming the "super" juice for 12 days, all I have to say is, nothing.. cos I don't feel any different.. I still weight the same even after being very hungry and eating a lot for the first 6 days.. my appetite kinda returned to "normal" the past 2 days.. So there, the honest truth! I could actually lie and say that my this improved or my that felt better, etc, because no one is gonna tell on me since I am not meeting anyone who could call me a liar.. but I won't.. cos I won't "sell" my integrity for some quick bucks.. however, my mum and sis did notice some differences.. my mum felt more energetic and her eyes don't get tired anymore, while my sister's skin condition is much better and she doesn't have any more severe acne breakouts (which I can attest to)..

And I had only managed to convince ONE friend from SG to join/buy this product.. I always knew that I am not cut out to be a salesperson, because I tried to be ethical.. I can always push the money making aspect of this product, but I prefer to emphasize on the health aspect.. because I believe people should and would understand and accept it better.. but alas, I am wrong.. all they want is proof and guarantee (that the product is good which it is but they won't trust me unless I show them concrete proofs, yet they distrust the testimonies that I showed them, and refused to try it themselves). Most of them stayed away because this is MLM and it is "expensive"...

No business is going to last if the product that it is selling is not good. So why people are joining this MLM? Sure, the business plan is good, as it is very simple: maximum 2 legs/down-line per member, no breaking off, no flushing and INFINITY accumulation, thus as long as people in your down-line buys/recruits, you will get the benefits if you maintain a minimum purchase. In a sense, you can potentially earn up to USD$25,000 a week!! Of course, that is best case scenario.. If all this company talks about is its business plan, then you have a right to be wary, but the product is good (the main ingredient is Maqui berries, the world's highest anti-oxidant fruit)  and has helped many regain their health, as it boasts the following benefits:
- neutralizes free radicals
- anti-aging
- promotes weight loss
- beautify skin
- protects the heart
- detoxification & anti-inflammatory

I know and understand that MLM has a very bad rep, because it resembles pyramid-system.. but have they even consider the fact that some are indeed legit and long-lasting? Similar to Amway, Cosway? The main aim of joining MLM is making money, and the trick to make money in any MLM is by joining it as EARLY as possible, so that we can be the "pioneers. This product is less than 6 months' old in MY and SG.. It just went to Philippines early this month and already Filipino maids in SG and HK are joining en massed!! Just imagine, domestic maids are willing to take a chance in a product that "has yet to be proven and is expensive" (just to quote some of my friends' replies) why? cos it is "cheap" to join, if you consider the price in SGD (which is less than SGD$ 400 for 8 bottles of the juice!!) and the monetary returns is humongous!!

Then I realized something.. I am preaching to a bunch of "secured" and "high-earning" individuals.. they are more willing to spend money on the latest 3G products than to invest in a "possible" product that might help them (both in health and in money making)... they are more comfortable talking about investing in foreign exchange, funds or stocks and joining private clubs, than joining "shady" MLM schemes... they are, in a sense, being safe! just like their government want them to, just like what they joked about (but denies) being "kiasi" (Hokkien, literary meaning "afraid to die").. I can totally understand that, because I was one of them.. Also, I realized that most, if not all of my friends, aren't those who are willing to take up a second/third job to get more money!! They are comfortable in their (little) circle..

I am not condemning nor judging them. If I haven't gone through what I've been through the last one year, I would be one of them too, scoffing at the idea of making money via "non-conventional" methods.. I wouldn't be out of my comfort zone, so to speak.. We are all creatures of our environment. I can totally relate to their skepticism.. but sometimes, we need to take a leap of faith.. but it is easier said than done.. in this economic environment where $$ is of the utmost importance, it is hard to ask those who have lots to take a chance.. only those who don't have much are willing to "gamble"/risk some to get more.. No one wants to be the sucker to lose money in some "shaddy" schemes.. but the "beauty" about MLM is that whoever that joins the earliest make the most profit, meaning those who are willing to take a risk before the majority herd make the most money.. which is fair and simple..

Bottom line is, I don't depend on this super juice as my main income source. I only introduce it to those friends whom I thought would benefit from this, in terms of health (for their family members)...But make no mistake about it, this MLM is gonna make a lot of people rich or at the very least, give them a very substantial side income. The product is good, and the business plan is sound.  Those who are earning BIG right now are, ironically, those who were very sick/had many medical problems. They took the super juice and recovered/improved, and thus became the walking testimonials of the product. Most of their friends/relatives saw what the juice did to them and joined. My dad who joined early this month had already gotten back his initial investment of USD275, and has earned another USD$50 till date.. he didn't do much except to introduce 5 of his friends to join.. all he promised them is a chance for better health and an opportunity to make some money..

Anyway, I am very busy with my translation jobs to be "pushing" this super juice hard.. I won't beg or pester friends to get them to join/buy this MLM.. I will tell them about it and if they are interested to know more, I will tell them more, but that is it. I will continue to take this super juice myself and see if it will help me lose some extra pounds.. my skin is in good condition to begin with, so I don't expect any drastic improvements.. same with my health.. of course, I won't mind looking a couple more years younger! :) I won't mind being in my late thirties but looking like my late twenties in a few more years!! :p :p ;)

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