Nov 28, 2010

Double agony..

Can't believe that I was so clumsy!!

Don't ask me how, but I managed to sprain BOTH my ankles yesterday afternoon, while crossing the street.. Now my ankles are swollen and they are so damn freaking painful. My right ankle hurts more, although both hurts equally bad, as it was the ankle I landed on.. I can't stand up without grimacing in pain, much less walk..and they are slowly turning blue-blackish.. :x :x

I had never been so clumsy in my whole life! But again, everything has its first time.. Maybe this is yet another sign my body is giving me, that I should have proper sleeping hours and exercise more.. Been cutting my sleep these few weeks due to the amount of translation jobs I received.. so mind and body not totally in sync lately..

I feel pretty useless and helpless now.. Can't move around at all.. every time I needed some things, I need to ask my sis to get it for me, or I have to slowly and painfully limp over to get it.. Every trip to the toilet is an agony.. And my vertigo spell still hasn't completely disappear either.. so now, a month before my birthday, I am both immobilized and dizzy.. not a good way to usher in my 3rd dozen years....

I so pray for a speedy recovery.. and no more "catastrophe"..

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