Dec 30, 2012


We are all but travelers of this journey called life,
               each heading to faraway destinations unknown..
Fate may have placed us in the same vehicle,
               it cannot hold those who have drifted together..
Strangers can became friends and even confidants,
               tho' the reverse is more effortless than one would admit..
People whom you thought cared no longer do,
               and friends who were once important aren't no more..
Solidarity is an alluring mirage that shatters,
               when priorities clashes and sincerity don't matters..
Affinity is nothing but a perceived conception,
                born out of solitude, boredom and convenience..
Hold on to whatever you have or think you have,
                as all things are fragile, fleeting and transient..
Yet mourn not when everything seemed lost,
                for then you'll know you are more than what you possessed..

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