Feb 11, 2011


Recently I have started a habit of sort..

I will listen to one of the many talks by Ajahn Brahm, a Buddhist Abbot, in the morning.. and watch several episodes of 非關命運, a Taiwanese talk show that discusses social problems from the perspectives of psychology, astrology and enneagram of personality on YouTube in the evening.

Having "stumbled" into IT and then realizing that I am no tech geek, I found out that latest tech gadgets do not excite me, and I prefer the non-technical part of IT (aka the human/management part). I am a Jill of all trades and master of none (for now).. I like to find out how things (especially human) interact with one another and the environment, how they influence each other, why they do the things they did and many other mysteries of the world..

I read widely and knowledge intrigues me.. My general knowledge is very good and is able to carry out decent conversations/discussions on almost any topics (except finance, which remains my Kyptonite) under the sun, but I am no expert.. I am a generalist not a specialist.. I have my views and stands on various issues, yet I am open to differences.

I always believe that we should improve ourselves, constantly.. I am a Philomath and hopes to be a Polymath some day... :)

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