Feb 10, 2011

500 sunrises later..

Unbelievable!! Can't believe that I've been back from Japan for exactly 500 days now!! Other than the 25+ days that I was in Australia alone in late 2009, I've kinda "lost my independence" as I am "stuck" at this birth country of mine ever since.. Not that I am complaining, I am enjoying my time with my parents and sister - being my sister's keeper, part-time maid at home and spending time doing the things I like.. :)
Of course, living in Taiping also meant that I haven't seen many of my friends for more than a year.. some even longer.. The most "recent" overseas trip that I made was last April, to Singapore for job interviews, when I managed to meet up with 2 ex-colleagues-turned-friends..Haven't seen many of my Singapore friends for more than 3 years now.. although I still chat with a few of them over msn or keep in contact over facebook, I really do miss the "good-old-fun-time" we had together..

After the rush for my PhD. application submission, I really do hope that I will be able to make a trip over to the Lion City and meet up with my old friends, some whom I've known for more than 16 years.. And I would like to visit my friends in Taiwan and Thailand too..

Ah.. How I miss traveling.. How I miss the many things that I used to do (with ease) while in Singapore and Japan.. Genuinely wish that I won't be (still) here when the 600th day comes along.. Really hope that there will be changes to my life in the months to come.. Long to witness a new sunrise in a new country/city soon...

Sunrise on Mt Fuji

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