Feb 18, 2011

dream.. 梦

A friend shared this video over FB.. and I cried after watching it.. because it is very touching..

For those who do not understand Chinese, let me translate..

Why do we wanna live?
To remember? 
To survive? 
To live longer? 
Or to leave?
"Let's ride our bikes!!"
5 Taiwanese with an average age of 81. One hard of hearing, one with cancer, 3 with heart disease.. All suffers from degenerative arthritis. 
Six months of preparation, they went around the island in 13 days.. travelling 1139 km.. from the north all the way to the south.. through night to day.. 
Just for a simple reason.. 
Why do we wanna live? 
to the extraordinary common folks..


Dream! That is what keeps us alive!
Shall (do my best) not to have any regrets!!
:)  :)  :)

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Anonymous said...

Yes!Your translation is great!So envious of you, I don't have strong foundation in English.Your are really