Feb 28, 2011

Tarot Readings... VI

3 months has passed after my last reading... so time for another tarot reading.. :) I am using the same application that I did previously to "see" my fortune since 2010. Note that all pictures of tarot cards are from http://phpbb-tw.net/phpbb/thoth/ and there is no intention of infringing any copyright.

三个月又过了,又是塔罗占卜时间啦。。我还是利用以往相同的占卜程式为接下来的三个月的运程占卜一下了所有的塔罗图片都采自竹猫星球塔罗馆 (http://phpbb-tw.net/phpbb/thoth),本部落并无意侵犯版权。

對 單身運勢 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in : Relationships (for Singles)

現狀 Current Situation: 調整 [Justice]

Although you do not have anyone special, you don't feel lacking or lonely. Maybe there is a pet, family or some purpose in your life, thus your need for a relationship is not that pressing.

問題 Problem: 皇帝 [The Emperor]

Maybe you are overly independent, and is used to being in control. Thus even if someone has professed their feelings for you, you are often slow to realize it and might even have chased away a few unknowingly.

建議 Suggestion: 倒吊人 [The Hanged Man]

It is not time for you to have a relationship, thus do not force yourself. There is time for everything. Maybe this is the time for you to think things through and contemplate your future.

對 職場發展 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in: Job-hunting:

現狀 Current Situation: 戰車 [The Chariot]

Currently, you are either caught in between or unable to overcome a bottleneck at work. You can do nothing about these matters other than observe and persevere, at least in the near future.

問題 Problem : 藝術 [Temperance]

Your methods are right and you only need time to prove it. When the results are still unclear, you would need to withstand all the pressure.

建議 Suggestion: 慾 [Lust]

Everything needs to have long-term planning and not just short-term gains. When necessary you would need to look after your appearance. Once that is done, people would trust your professionalism eventually.

對 財運 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in : Money Matters

現狀 Current Situation: 死亡 [Death]

Your source of money is shrinking and it is uncertain how long the income that you are getting now will sustain. The important thing is not your fortune but the means for you to make money is shrinking and might even dry up.

問題 Problem: 戰車 [The Chariot]

Your fixed expenses are too heavy, and most probably they are related to your family. You would always pay for this and that, thus you are always worried about money.

建議 Suggestion: 宇宙 [The Universe]

The best way for you to manage your finances is through investing in fixed assets, jewellery, insurance and things that do not require constant attention nor problematic.

對 人際運勢 進行占卜,結果為:
Pertaining your luck in : Human Relationships
現狀 Current Situation: 宇宙 [The Universe]

Your circle of friends are pretty fixed. Most of them are from your school days and these friendships are pretty solid. You have very few chances of making new ones.

問題 Problem: 月亮 [The Moon]

Although you treasure your friends, you are reluctant to be truthful. After a while, your friends felt that you are insincere. Try to overcome this.

建議 Suggestion: 慾 [Lust]

Sometimes it is not a matter of right or wrong but a difference in perspective and opinion. As long as you remember this, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary disagreements.

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