Mar 16, 2008


As expected, I flunked my JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test 日本語能力試験) Level 2 exam that I took last Dec.. :p The result slip was in my mail box..

There are 3 sections, all MCQ (multiple choice questions).

First was the Writing/Vocabulary section, which I scored 67 over 100. This was one of my stronger areas in the Japanese language. Next is the Listening section, which I must admit, one of my weaker, but not THE weakest area.. I got 52 out of 100 for this. Lastly is the Reading/Grammar section. My comprehension of Japanese passages is mediocre while my Japanese Grammar is horrendous, thus in the section I only managed to gain 99 points out of 200.

In total, I only managed to score 218 out of 400. In order to pass this examination, I need to get 60%, which in points means 240. This means that I missed the passing grade by 22 points.. :(

JLPT examinations is THE language proficiency exam for Japanese language, so I will definitely take it again.. but here lies the dilemma.. Should I try Level 2 again or should I attempt Level 1 instead?? Should I play it safe, clear Level 2 before moving on to Level 1? Or should I take a leap and just do it? After all, the ultimate goal is to achieve Level 1. From what I heard, the level of difficulty for Level 1 is at least triple of that for Level 2 and the official passing grade is 70% (280 points out of 400). My worry is that if I were to fail again, this will mean that after 2 years, I dont have any JLPT certs to show for.. Mmmm... Luckily, I dont have to make that decision now.. I have till end Aug to decide.. maybe till then I would have a better gauge of my Jap proficiency...

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KittyCat said...

Hi Phaim Imm! Wow...I've heard that the Japanese language is one of the most difficult lingos to learn. Those who know Mandarin/Korean fare better due to similarities.

You're only 22 points from passing, friend. It's not that bad. With constant reading, I believe you'll do fine with the comprehension etc.

For grammar (the hardest for any language), how about getting help from a Japanese? They are really nice & helpful and if someone could explain to you the recurring patterns & exceptions, if any, you may see more light...

All the best - kambate!!! (err...hope tha's correct hehe)