Mar 9, 2008

A New Dawn

And so it seems... now that the Opposition Parties (of DAP, PKR and PAS) have managed to deny BN the sacred 2/3 majority in the Parliament and unexpectedly won the rights to form 5 state governments (Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan).. Frankly, I have never felt so deeply for Malaysia since Malaysia won the Thomas Cup against Indonesia in 1992.

Now it is the chance for the Opposition parties to make good their promises and utilize their expertise to manage those 5 state governments. Show the people that you can walk the talk. Show the people that you really are able to do a better job than BN. Only then would the people continue to support you. Do not engage in power hogging and money politics that is so easy to slide into when you are in power. Don't be the Pigs in George Orwell's Animal Farms. The people could put you in office, they too could take you down.. You saw what happened to BN this election, so be on your toes and work for the people cos the people has woken up to their rights. Makkal Sakti!!

On hindsight, I think BN's strategy to hold the election before DSAI is eligible to contest has backfired. Because DSAI is unable to contest in any seats, he is able to travel the whole of Peninsular and campaign for ALL. He holds the trump cards, he has all the moral standings and he wasn't able to be proven wrong by BN.

With this major upset, it is very easy and understandably normal for everyone to get carried away and think that all the country's problems would now go away since the BN has been denied the 2/3 majority.. This is not the end of the problem, but the start of a painful treatment for the ailing country. Inflation would not be curbed overnight as the market forces still controls the price fluctuation. FDI would not come gushing in just because BN only won 140 Parliamentary seats from a total of 222. There are much to do for the YBs and more bitter pills to swallow for the rakyat. I would not be very surprised that within this new 5-year term the Opposition Parties could only do so much to remedy the damages done by the BN for the past 50years. But at least I am hopeful that finally the country is moving down the right path, that is to embrace globalisation and work on the country's competitiveness to grow the economic pie for all Malaysians instead of fighting over who gets how big a slice from a 50-year old pie.

When I am in overseas (whether in Singapore or now in Tokyo), people would asked me if I planned to go back to Malaysia to work, and I would always answer them, "Never". But now, with the latest development, my answer has changed to a "Maybe". If things do improve a few years down the road, I believe my answer would eventually become "Sure, why not".


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