Mar 4, 2008

Now you see it now you dont..

The general election in Malaysia is at its final stretch.. all kinds of funny stuffs are happening..

At first the EC (Election Committee) wanted to use indelible ink on all voters when they want to cast their votes to make sure no double voting.. They had even placed an order of 48,000 bottles of ink from India at the cost of RM2.4 million!! WOW.. so easy, can just write off a few millions just like that??!! Maybe they didnt really care about these few millions, since they had written off amounts hundred times far greater than this..

Anyway, I am just curious about the order now.. Have those bottles of inks been shipped over to Malaysia?? What is one going to do with 48,000 bottles of indelible ink?? Sell it to the tattoo parlors?? :p

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