Mar 9, 2008

Wishes for the New Dawn

10. That the newly elected YB be Yang Berkhidmat and not just Yang Berhormat. Work for the Rakyat, not sendiri.

09. Listen to the Rakyat, consult the Rakyat but make the difficult decision for the Rakyat, when necessary. That's the reason the Rakyat voted for you.

08. Talk to the Rakyat, not talk down to the Rakyat. Reason with and convince the Rakyat, not just shave new laws or whatever down the Rakyat's throat.

07. End the "Circus" during Parliament sessions. Bring back dignity and respectability to the Legislation. Stop sleeping or being absent from the sessions.

06. Mutual respect and cooperation among the YBs. After all, they are working for the same boss, the Rakyat. Debate and vote according to your Rakyat's wishes and not what your party says.

05. Reward the worthy, encourage the lousy, help the needy and punish the cronies. Praise whomever that deserves it not because you want something from him/her.

04. Race can be taken into consideration but not as the only/final deciding factor. Every Rakyat deserves to be lend a hand when in need, regardless.

03. Revamp the Judiciary and restore its credibility and independence from the Legislation.

02. No one is above the law. No more cover-up, buy-off or bail out of any sort. Abide the Constitution and the LAW!!

01. Accountability and Transparency.

The Rakyat is watching....closely..


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