Jul 15, 2010

I like it short..

It is time for another hair cut..

My last hair cut was last Dec.. my hair was cut very very short.. so I could go on without getting a hair cut for almost 6 months.. :) but with the weather and humidity here, I could never "survive" with long hair..

Since I didn't manage to visit my regular stylist while in Singapore a few months ago, I had to find someone to cut my hair.. so I went to my sis's regular stylist here.. although I must say that I do have my apprehension, as I am very particular about my hair..

From the moment I told the stylist that I want my hair short but layered till she actually finish, it took less than 10 minutes!! In just a few snips, it was done.. I could barely believed it.. While she was cutting, I was very very very nervous.. cos she didn't seem to hesitate to lop off long strands of my hair, instead of snipping it bit by bit like what most of my stylists usually do.. I was, in fact, thinking of various back-up plans, in case I didn't like how my hair turned out.... I was even contemplating going "bald"!!

In the end, luckily, my fears turned out to be baseless.. I like my new hair style.. :) It was short, layered and very easy to manage.. and the best thing was, it cost me just MYR $8! which is less than 250yen!!! Having used to haircuts that cost more than 3500 yen (while in Japan) or more than SGD$35 (while in Singapore), this price is ridiculously low...

So it looks like I will be going for hair cuts fairly often now.. maybe every other month, instead of every 4 - 5 months.. :)

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