Jul 16, 2010

Oil, gas and sugar...

Gotcha! First round of price hike after the government "forewarned" us about the country going bankrupt if subsidies are not cut took place 12midnight..

I think this will be the first of many such "commando-style" surprise hikes in the future.. these last minute price hikes are to deter people from panic buying and retailers from hoarding.. yet regardless, the effect of such hikes will impact everyone, except ministers, those super-rich and well-connected fellas.. and the price of rice, flour, cooking oil and a few more essential items have yet to be hiked.. so brace yourselves, everyone.. everything will cost more, much much more in the near future, with no end to be be seen..

As long as the few "elite" has a hold onto the nation's natural resources and spend it recklessly.. as long as the majority continue to blindly support the government who is plundering the country left, right and center... as long as people still insists on special treatments because of their race, religion or whatever.. as long as people think that the government must give them everything because they are "entitled to" without having to work for it.. as long as those in power think that they can get away with anything and everything.. as long as the current status quo remains..

..cost of living will continue to climb, outpacing salary increase.. crime rate will rise as people gets desperate and they knew that they could get away with it since the police force couldn't be bothered.. ..government-linked companies will be squeezed dry to support all kinds of multi-billion projects that will only benefit the few.. ..politicians will continue to plunder and steal.. ..capable people will continue to leave for greener pastures, leaving the country to dimwits/thugs/bloodsuckers..

..nothing will change.. unless the people want it to change.. but can we do it?

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