Mar 17, 2011

Back from KK..

Got back from a 4D3N trip to Kota Kinabalu last Thursday..  Walked a lot.. Took some pictures.. Felt the way of life over in East Malaysia.. Spent a lot too.. :x :x :x :x

Didn't really do the things tourists came to KK for, like climbing Mt. Kinabalu [take away the 2-day spent on flying (from PEN to KL, then to KL to KK on Air Asia, where delays are to be expected.), didn't really had much time left.], cultural visits [wasn't that interested so not willing to pay such steep prices], indulging fresh seafood [how much seafood can 1 person eat? ] or island hopping [I can't swim so I won't be able to enjoy fully the snorkeling/diving].. 

Gonna write a few more about my trip and share some photos in the future. so stay tune..

Swordfish - KK's landmark
Anyway, the most important thing that came out from this trip is that I have rediscovered my love for traveling after more than a year being "stuck" at home.. :) :) :) Planning my next trip now.. ;) ;)

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