Mar 22, 2011


Just sent my 3-month-old Acer laptop for to repair.. the PC shop that I bought it from can't do anything for me.. it has to be sent back to Acer, in KL, for repair as it is still under warranty..and it will take more than 2 weeks (or longer) to get it back.. :x :x

No idea why it has to take such a bloody long time, when it takes less than a day to get to KL and back.. and it is just straight-forward part replacement (the network card went kaput! :( )... My friend whose laptop cracked while under warranty had hers picked up (special delivery guy went to her dorm), repaired and sent back to her within 3 days!! Oh, I forgot to point out that she was in Japan.. so maybe the companies there TREASURE their customers MORE..

Well, this is Bolehland.. so enough said..

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