Mar 4, 2011

No i

Getting ready to queue up for iPad 2 tablet next week?? Is iPad 2 one of your must-have IT gadget? Well, I must confess that I am not one bit curious about this latest "cool" gadget..  Everyone WANTS it, but honestly how many people really NEED an iPad?

I think I am one of the minority as I don't own anything that starts with the letter "i", or more specifically, I don't have anything from Apple.. be it iMac, iPod (neither classic, shuffle, Nano nor Touch) , iPhone or iPad.. and I am kinda proud of myself.. :p

For one thing, I refuse to follow the herd.. Sure, those Apple gadgets are cool, hip, fancy, full of apps and are capable of doing lots.. but I have no need for them... I like my simple LG mobile phone.. my almost 5 year-old iRiver mp3 player.. my Panasonic Lumix camera.. and I rather read a book than play Angry Birds on iPhone/iPod Touch when I have some free time..

Frankly, I look down on those people who like to tote these tablets around.. who the heck will bring along a tablet PC to shopping centres anyway??!!! Yet, if they don't carry it around, they won't be able to milk people's envy to nourish their ego... that in my opinion, is the MAIN reason why people go crazy over these gadgets.. to show-off and stroke their ego...

Well too bad, as I for one couldn't be bothered by what people owned, especially IT gadgets. To me, they are shallow and insecure. :p They might say that I am sour grapes.. maybe they are right.. but I am just not willing to spend that kind of money on something that depreciates and becomes obsolete the minute you bought it.. I do not see the value in owning these gadgets..

Again, everyone is free to pursue their wants in life.. if owning an iPad makes them happy and they can afford it, then by all means go ahead.. as we really do need these types of people to help stimulate the (global) economy... :p :p :p

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