Mar 9, 2011

cards.. cards... cards..

How many cards do you have in your wallet/purse? Credit cards in particular.. 3? 4? or more? I myself have only 1 credit card, but I must confess that my highest record was holding on to 5 credit cards!  :p

Now my wallet holds only 4 cards, not including identity card and driver's license. One ATM card, one credit card and two membership cards.

My 2 membership cards are for bookstores, Popular and Borders. Books are one of the few things that I'm willing to spend money on, so it is just a matter of time before I become a member of these book stores.  :)

Yet the one card that I would really like to have is a library card. Unfortunately, the public library in my area is out of my reach, unlike those in Singapore.

During my "heyday", I have 5 different credit cards (from OCBC, UOB, Citibank, DBS and HSBC) and 6 membership cards (from Robinsons, NTUC, The Body Shop, Hang Ten, GNC and Wan Yang), thus it was no surprise that I was using one of those elongated types of wallet. I was rather proud of the "fatness" of my wallet and that (false) sense of pride toting so many credit cards..

As I get older, I recognized the folly of having so many cards. Although I had not once lost my wallet (touch wood), I realized that it was not wise to be carrying such a big wallet around, especially when I do not have the habit of carrying a handbag like most girls. I always like to stick my wallet in my back pocket of my jeans (my default dress-code for going out), so the thinner (referring to my wallet of course) the better. Plus, with fewer cards in my wallet, the wear and tear of my wallet had reduced substantially. :)

So how many cards do you have?

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