Mar 21, 2011

Kota Kinabalu: landmarks

Since this was my first trip to East Malaysia, I decided to not run around wanting to see as many things as possible within the 4D3N that I was there.. In the end, I walked a lot while in KK.. a very good exercise for me... something that I really miss doing since I got back from Japan..

Visited some of the famous landmarks in the city.. Here are the photos..

Less than 10 minutes' walk away from my hotel, the Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal, where tourists can take scheduled ferries to Labuan or go island hopping, of which I did neither

The famous landmark of KK.. the Swordfish.. located behind Hyatt Regency Hotel..

Atkinson Clock Tower.. didn't want to walk all the way to the tower, so took this picture from afar.. :p

Sabah Tourism Building.. nice old two-storey building.. lots of useful and up-to-date brochures and leaflets..

Town Council Building.. of KK.. nicely kept, brightly lit..

Tugu Peringatan M'sia (M'sia Memorial Monument), a monument erected to commemorate the Independence of Sabah from British colonial rule and the formation of Malaysia, together with Sarawak and Singapore...

Many of KK's landmarks and buildings are scattered in different areas, not very far from the city center, yet unreachable without transportation. Other than local buses (which are both confusing and chaotic), the easiest but not the cheapest way to travel around KK is by taxi.. since I am traveling alone, I have no one to share the taxi with.. Spent a mini fortune on taxi fare.. :x :x

Anyway, here are some of the other landmarks not within the city area..

"New" admin building... which the taxi driver said, "baru tapi runtuh runtuh.." (translated as 'new but falling apart')..

Menara Tun Mustapha (Sabah Foundation Building).. this was the office building for Sabah's Chief Minister.. until the current CM decided to build another NEW building opposite the road..

Kota Kinabalu City Mosque.. 

University Malaysia Sabah.. the main gate into the campus..

UMS's library building.. noticed that the buildings are very far apart from one another.. so undergrads need to either take internal buses or drive to get around.. 

UMS's Chancellor Hall where events and convocations are being held.. the campus is HUGE.. with lots of greenery that look fairly well-tended..

Next up.. the sights around KK city.. :)

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