Sep 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Virgos!

A lot of my "better-than-common" friends are Virgos..  and even if not immediately, somehow we will click eventually.. I didn't intentionally look for Virgos to be friends with, but somehow it happens... and sometimes they are so perceptive that it is hard trying to hide anything from them.. :p And I must admit that it is very comfortable being with them and talking to them, I don't have to be someone that I am not.. I can truly be myself with them.. ;) they don't judge even though they are perfectionists and can be very demanding..

I am really fortunate to have them as friends in my life.. :) :) :) I simply love these Virgo friends of mine.. :k

So to:
Joe, Loreen, Irene, Horai, Ilu, Shinta, Fitri, Tracy, Christy and my godson Rio..
Happy Birthday, my dear Virgos!!
May all of you be blessed with health and happiness in the years ahead!!





Anonymous said...

How come you know my birthday. I don't remember ever telling you.... hmmmm.... facebook? :-)

Imm said...

I might not know your exact birthday, but I do know that you are a Virgo.. I have my sources.. ;)