Sep 16, 2010

Wishes for MY

Today is the 47th anniversary of the establishment of Malaysia.. and also the 87th birthday of LKY..

No matter how this government wanna draw a clear line to separate "us" from "them" (us being MY, and them being SG), our fate is tightly entwined whether we liked it or not.. Not just because we were ONCE a country and we shared a common history, but because our future depends on the success/failure of one another due to our close proximity.. We need each other to prosper, something that Indonesia, Thailand and other ASEAN countries are making full use of, except us.. Our government discredit EVERYTHING that SG does, they rather spend millions or billions getting consultants from Western countries than to look and learn from our closest neighbor.. Indeed, not everything that SG do is good or applicable to us, but we should at least use them as a guide and reference, instead of discrediting them totally..

There was lots of talks about LKY's latest interview where he said some not-so-nice things about MY.. Those were harsh and critical words, but to me, they had some truths in them.. Compared LKY with our own MM..  both are octogenarians and retired PMs.. yet who has more international clout and continues to be held in high regards? who is losing whatever respect his people had for him these last few years?? who is still being invited to prestigious conferences and meetings all around the world to give his thoughts? who is shunned by even his own party? who is trying to instigate racial distrust?? who do you think should just keep his mouth shut and fade quietly into the sunset?? In any case, their legacy shall be decided by the academia and historians, just like what LKY said in his interview..

But back to the main topic..

I really wish that
  • the country will develop to its fullest potential and not being held captive by some politicians looking to exploit racial harmony for financial gains.. 
  • the people will come together as one and not be forcibly segregated by race, religion or whatever by the current bunch of politician-clowns..
  • the government will really put the PEOPLE first, stop abusing the country's resources and actually work to make this a great country that it is supposed to be..
Happy Birthday, Malaysia!!

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