Sep 15, 2010

New seasons..

September means the premiering of new seasons for US TV dramas.. :) :) :)

Here are some of the shows that I am soooooo looking forward to..

Survivor Nigaragua (Season 21) on Sept 15
"The tribe has spoken..."
Let another round of bad-mouthing, back-stabbing, backroom maneuvering, deal-making/breaking, alliance forming and trust betraying begin!! 

House (Season 07) on Sept 20
Will the love for and the relationship with his boss make him a better man (aka less sarcastic and more warmhearted) ? Frankly I don't think so and I don't wanna see a mellowed down lovey-dovey House.. I prefer him to be (still tormented), but this time struggling between being nice to Cuddy while at the same time trying to maintain his meanness.. :)
HOUSE is (back) in the house!! ;)

Castle (Season 03) on Sept 20
"Why don't they just hook up already??" question continues.. I don't know how long the writers are going to keep the two leads apart.. I don't want another Mulder-Scully "no-mance"...

Glee (Season 02) on Sept 21
Frankly I don't really care much about the (budding?) romance between Rachel and Finn, the rivalry between Will and Sue or what new cast members will be joining this season.. 
I just wanna enjoy their show-choiring!! :p

Fringe (Season 3) on Sept 23
I am getting a bit impatient with this alternate universe storyline.. hopefully, the writers are not going to treat viewers as idiots and throw out lame plots to try to sustain this series.. I would prefer that they stick to the "usual" uncommon cases..   

The Amazing Race (Season 17) on Sept 26
Which countries will they be going this time?? What detours, road blocks, speed bumps, U-turns and fast-forwards will they have to undergo?? Will taxi/cab drivers be the random determinants for participants reaching each pit stops again??

Dexter (Season 05) on Sept 26
Season 4's finale was mind-blowing.. and that is an understatement.. :) Really want to see what the writers have planned for Dexter this season.. Oooohhh... can't wait for the father-of-three-cum-serial-killer to get back on his business! ;)

Stargate Universe (Season 02) on Sept 28
This is my first Stargate series.. so far, I will only say that it was not too bad, but it has yet to get a better than average rating from me.. I will give it another season to see if I wanna continue watching it.. So far all the bickering and politicking are getting on my nerves.. Still looking for a worthy sci-fi series to "devote" my time..

Ahhhh... so many shows.. so little time.. not enough bandwidth.. :p

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